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Information on software for making web pages. Making web pages has become much more standardized than in years past. The result is that it has almost become easy. It still has room for improvement to become much easier. The most important first question is ... Click here.

CoffeeCup HotMetal Dreamweaver WebCam
FrontPage MSNWebTV BBEdit GoLive.

Our favorite topic, Graphics. Which graphics tools do you need? There are lots of graphics apps. Here are some of our favorite graphics tools. If you don't like them, we have others...
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PhotoShop tutorial
Graphic Converter
MS MediaPlayers

For browsers there isn't much to say. But there is a little. Browsers
For file transfer putting, FTP, there is a little to discuss. Not much, but a little. Click here.
Zippers, to zip and unzip. Stuffit or unstuffit. Compress or uncompress text files or applications. But what is an application? A fancy text file.
For Windows you can mess around with others. But Winzip is the one you want.

Stuffit comes with the Mac.

The tools above are the minimum required for maintaining a website. Accessing your computers remotely may be beneficial as well. There are several methods which have become common for accessing your computer remotely. Here's one, as seen from a link on Yahoo!,
GoToMyPC: "In addition to flexible access from anywhere, GoToMyPC is far easier to install and use and has faster performance and file transfer capabilities than conventional remote control programs such as pcAnywhere. **verified by NSTL testing laboratories** It is an amazingly inexpensive and simple solution compared to other remote access technologies such as VPNs and RAS."

What's the number one medical condition associated with using computers? Carpal tunnel syndrome. Which hand is most often affected? the right hand. Why? Using a mouse. What is better to use, easier to operate, and faster? TRACKBALL. You don't wrap your hand around it. You don't move your upper arm. You don't move your lower arm. You don't have to pick it up. You just move one finger and zoom your cursor across the screen from one side to the other in one smooth uninterupted motion. You don't need a pad surface underneath it. You can put it anywhere. You can get a lot more done a lot faster with a trackball. Why after a decade of internet do people still use a mouse? There are a lot of computer dummies out there. You either gotta be as dumb as a box of rocks or just plain stingy if you're still using a mouse instead of a trackball or touchpad. You can buy one now. Or you can pay a surgeon later.

E-commerce. You have something to sell. You have a product or a service. You want to use the internet to sell that product or service. And plenty of people out there who would love to buy it. Why do it the hard, expensive, unsecure way? Why waste money? Why worry about any of the little details? Why waste time? You never wanted to be a computer programmer anyway did you? Yahoo! store. Two words. Real simple.

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