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You've heard so much about Javascript. See some of the many things it can do. It's time to learn more about putting it into use for your web site. Javascript is not Java. Java is small self contained applications. Javascript is short snippets of code for doing a small set of functions. Fortunately, there are so many sources for javascript that you can find just about anything you want and modify it with specific variables to use in a web page. These days everybody is using a javascript capable browser. The implimentation has become much more standardized. We have several examples to demonstrate what some of the javascripts can do. We put just one script on each page so that you won't be confused and can easily spot the places to change to personalize for your own web pages. If you go to some other places to get Javascripts it is not usually made this simple and as a result people sometimes get discouraged and give up.

Here are some scripts. Copy and paste and change them around any way you want.

Just copy this, "as is." Then you can change the URLs and decriptions to suit your needs. Leave the script in the header alone.
Pull Down Menu Navigator

You need to change the submit button for this one to send the data somewhere. And change the "galloping gizmos," to something in real life.
Alan Form

You just need to change the submit button for this one to link to the next quizz,
if the score is greater than seven out of ten.
PC Gamer's Quiz

OnMouseover a link, a message displays in a text area. If link is clicked, it goes somewhere.
Link Banner

This one is an example of a Javascript calculator. It doesn't go anywhere, it just calculates.
Atmospheric Calculations

Cursor goes over text, alert pops up, which is read and closed and nothing happens after that.
onMouseover alert

These two are as useless as a box of rocks.
Background Fader
Display system info

This one's really silly. Tries to force the viewer to send an email after reading a series of alerts.
onMouse Over Mail

When cursor goes over text an alert pops up. After reading alert, a link is followed.
onMouseover alert link.

onMouseover changes image
onMouseout original image comes back. To see good examples of this in action, go to these pages:

examples with animated gifs.
dHTML drop down menu.
has a morphing transitional effect as it is launched.
Floating menu.
Good for some types of sites.
Mouseovers change seven images. Two images change for each of three different links, plus one start image.

Open scrollable, resizable browser window, on click. With tutorial slideshow.
Window size 375x400

Pastel blue multi drop down nav-menu bar.

Complex Cool navigation bar with multiple split images which change onMouseover and change back onMouseout. Fully explained and copyable. Say hi to Mr. Hoekstra.

Cool Nerds roll-over slide show

Javascript Rollover Navigation Bar created automatically in Xara. Click image for tutorial in Windows Media Player format, 4 Mb.

Most developers make their first million by age 36. Their first million syntax errors. If you were a user of CoffeeCup, you may not need a long explanation for Javascript because the way that the many javascripts which come with the program and are seamlessly built right in and are explained as you put each one into the page, is just about foolproof. You don't have to guess where to put the script. If half goes in the header and half goes in the body, you will be told that as you put in the script. If it all goes into the body or all goes into the header that will be explained as well. And there are place holder flags for you to know exactly where to make yor personalization modifications. You'll never insert a 500 line script for a fancy search box and have your wysiawyg editor garble it up, and have the program change the syntax on you either. The code is clean, but imported code is left alone. Built in VB scripts, CGI scripts, 12 DHTML samples, WebTV tags, and over 100 useful Javascripts. Did we mention that we like CoffeeCup?

Free Download
Download CoffeeCup WebCam - Click Here
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CoffeeCup Big Cup

About 50 cool Javascripts. No password hassle, just get'em and copy'em. Guru Alan Simpson at Sometimes his explanations are a little overdone. We read some several times and still couldn't figure out how to get it going. is another good javascript source. They had at last count, 3309 scripts and also some great tutorials. Some of the scripts are goofy and just for fun; others are strictly business. You need to jump through a password hoop.

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