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"Welcome to Nepal," a Guide for anyone travelling to Nepal. Hotels, resorts, travel agencies, trekking agencies, on-line reservations

History of Nepal. Doing business in Nepal.
Art and Photography of Nepal Nepal Orientation
Image gallery of Nepal Trekking in Nepal
Download a visa application for Nepal. Extensive Nepal Directory
Nepal Tours, Railways, Hotel Info,

General Information

Central Intelligence Agency extensive factbook on Nepal.
Extensive research compilation in numerous categories. Library of Congress, federal research division.

Maps of Nepal

Nepal Topographic Maps; Nepal Trekking, Travel Maps and Atlases; Nepal Geologic, Land Use and other Thematic Maps; and Nepal Hiking Guides

Himalayas from Skylab
Himalayas from Skylab NASA photo
Katmandu Bazaar in Nepal
Brassware large photo Himalayas in Nepal
Nepal flag

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