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Belize's closest neighbors are:

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is a member of the British Commonwealth.Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth is the titular head of state.The country has 230,000 people which is a population much less than it's neighbors, Guatemala, Mexico and Honduras.It has the world's second longest barrier reef and fantastic water for diving, fishing, sailing and windsailing.Most travelers enter by plane in Belize City. From Mexico, Chan Chen, the most northerly city in Belize, is the main point of entry. San Ignacio which is west of the capital city of Belmopan is the portal of entry by land to Guatemala.
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To the south, Honduras may be reached by ship across the Gulf of Honduras from Punta Gorda and by plane, often from Placencia or Belize City. Visitors arriving by yacht often stop at San Pedro on Ambergris Caye either arriving or departing.

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In Belize City, accomodations ranged from $25 US to $200 USfor clean, air conditioned rooms near the waterfront with TV, phone, and a private bath.The $200 US rooms didn't include breakfast, but had other nice amenities. We liked the Bellevue Hotel


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History and Geography of Belize Belize First, "The #1 Magazine on Travel & Life on the Caribbean Coast"

Travel and Tourism

The Official Web Site of the Belize Tourism Board

Visitors to Belize most often have friends or relatives in the country who have vehicles for transportation. Those who tour the countryside away from the coast generally do so as part of a tour package in which the transportation needs are provided by vans or small buses. This is true for the eco-tours and tours of the ancient Mayan pyramids.

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There are rugged individuals who like to travel with back packs who try to get a hands-on feel for the country. Within Belize, bus travel is inexpensive. However, buses are usually crowded, as well as hot, dusty and slow. Taxis may sometimes be air-conditioned. Taxis can be hired to go most places via paved roads and some of the graded roads. The road connecting Belize City with the capital of Belmopan is paved. The road from Belize City to Corozal and Chan Chen to the north is paved. The road from Belize city to Dangriga is paved except for the last quarter of the way where it became only intermittently paved. It is quite possible that by the time you travel to Belize, paved road will have been completed, as planned, from Belize City to Dangriga. If you do decide to go to Dangriga by taxi, leave Belize city early in the morning so that you'll be able to make a short detour and stop off at the Blue Hole. There is a waterfall with an excellent swimming spot. It's very refreshing. South of Dangriga the road is not paved all the way to Punta Gorda. When it rains there is no problem with dust.

Travel by plane between major points is fast, comfortable air conditioned, and is actually the cheapest way to go since there are no extra costs. You won't pay for meals, tourist curios, etc., when you fly and you'll see everything from a bird's eye view.

Placencia is quiet, pretty, relaxed. Placencia has beautiful water.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit the Cayes.

Belizeans often go to Chan Chen to cross into Mexico to shop since the prices are much lower than in Belize itself, which is well known for it's unusually high prices on consumer goods. That's because nearly all goods must be imported, since there is little indigenous industry. If you plan to live in Belize, bring your own used car.

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