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It is great poking fun of political correctness on both sides of the spectrum and persons in the middle as well. It reminds us of a cab driver who asked us, quite innocently, if it could be true that republicans have an agenda. He had thought only maggot infested liberals had one.
"The Wacky Times site ranks high on the California F scale, but low on the Minnesota multiphasic scale."
"Wacky Times is severiously preposterous. It's a stupid site which we like a lot."
Our Favorite Wacky Times Articles:
Investor's Corner O.J. Simpson jury speaks out on world issues Animal right advocates sue Chrysler over car names
Rush Limbaugh abducted by aliens! Hillary learns to drive a big rig! Today's vocabulary lesson

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If you say so!

I don’t even know what to say for this one.

Idaho state legislature puttin' the street dealers outta bidness.

Amazingly, Bob and Dave never made it to their original destination wherever it was.

Major dilemma.

Now there’s a movie you don’t see everyday!



I'd rather be fishing
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