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Get Me Rewrite!
February 6, 2004, by Paul Krugman, New York Times
"Right now America is going through an Orwellian moment. On both the foreign policy and the fiscal fronts, the Bush administration is trying to rewrite history, to explain away its current embarrassments.
Let's start with the case of the missing W.M.D. Do you remember when the C.I.A. was reviled by hawks because its analysts were reluctant to present a sufficiently alarming picture of the Iraqi threat? Your memories are no longer operative. On or about last Saturday, history was revised: see, it's the C.I.A.'s fault that the threat was overstated. Given its warnings, the administration had no choice but to invade."

"The trouble is that accepting that excuse requires forgetting a lot of recent history. By February 2002, when the administration released its fiscal 2003 budget, all of the bad news - the bursting of the bubble, the recession, and, yes, 9/11 - had already happened. Yet that budget projected only a $14 billion deficit this year(2004), and a return to surpluses next year. Why did that forecast turn out so wrong? Because administration officials fudged the facts, as usual. I'd like to think that the administration's crass efforts to rewrite history will backfire, that the media and the informed public won't let officials get away with this. Have we finally had enough? "
No! No! No! They want five more years!

George Tenet
"George John Tenet was sworn in as Director of Central Intelligence on 11 July 1997 following a unanimous vote by both the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and the full Senate. In this position he heads the Intelligence Community (all foreign intelligence agencies of the United States) and directs the Central Intelligence Agency. Mr. Tenet served as the Deputy Director of Central Intelligence, having been confirmed in that position in July 1995. Following the departure of John Deutch in December 1996, he served as Acting Director."

Editorial Cartoons for 2003, Steve Gaham-Smith,
07/13/03, George Tenet falls on his sword.

Informazione di cultura ed attualita su mondo arabo ed islamico
E allora, di chi e' questa guerra? di Ramzy Baroud

DCIA George J. Tenet and President George W. Bush's
Remarks to the CIA Workforce,
September 26, 2001

Tenet takes blame for Iraq uranium claim
China Daily, 2003/07/12
"Director George Tenet is trying to put to rest a burgeoning credibility problem by taking full blame for allowing President Bush to make allegations about Iraq's nuclear weapons program later found false. In a carefully scripted mea culpa, the White House on Friday blamed the CIA for its January misstep and Tenet finished the job hours later with a dramatic statement accepting responsibility."

Statement by David Kay,
Before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, etc., October 2, 2003
"What have we found and what have we not found in the first 3 months of our work? We have discovered dozens of WMD-related program activities and significant amounts of equipment that Iraq concealed from the United Nations during the inspections that began in late 2002. The discovery of these deliberate concealment efforts have come about both through the admissions of Iraqi scientists and officials concerning information they deliberately withheld and through physical evidence of equipment and activities that ISG has discovered that should have been declared to the UN. Let me just give you a few examples of these concealment efforts, some of which I will elaborate on later:"

"Vials: A total of 97 vials-including those with labels consistent with the al Hakam cover stories of single-cell protein and biopesticides, as well as strains that could be used to produce BW agents-were recovered from a scientist's residence."
And then after all in January, 2004, Kay says, "Nope. Intelligence failure. We didn't find squat." Was there squat or not? These guys are really good at waving that red cape around in both directions, aren't they?

Bush Says CIA Director's Job Is Secure
February 7, 2004, by Deb Riechmann, AP
"President Bush said Saturday that CIA Director George Tenet's job is not in jeopardy despite election-year questions about the accuracy of prewar intelligence on Iraq.
'I strongly believe the CIA is ably led by George Tenet,' Bush said in an Oval Office interview to be broadcast Sunday on NBC's 'Meet the Press.' Asked whether Tenet's job was in jeopardy, Bush answered: 'No, not at all, not at all.'"
Story ...
The accuracy of prewar intelligence is a Red Herring. But hey, you can't argue with success. Tenet has done an excellent snowjob. These guys are really good at waving that red cape around in both directions, aren't they?

Der Spiegel gets it right yet again.
Chemiebomben unter dem Sofa?

"Für George W. Bush ist der Irak-Krieg offenbar nur noch ein Witz - und zwar ein guter, so meint wenigstens der Präsident selbst. Bei einem Dinner mit Journalisten präsentierte er eine Dia-Show. Sie zeigte Bush, wie er auf allen Vieren über den Boden kriecht und unter dem Sofa nach Massenvernichtungswaffen sucht." mehr...

Bush hetzt seine Hunde auf Clarke


Death of 500,000 Children 'Worth It'
"It's a hard choice, but I think, we think, it's worth it."
Secretary of State Madeleine Korbel Albright's infamous response to a question about the over half a million children killed by Iraq sanctions. May 11, 1996
"What's the point of having this superb military you're always talking about, if we can't use it?" ... as remembered in Colin Powell's memoir.

What did Secretary of State Colin Powell say just before the tomahawks?

Prince Charles Visits U.K. Troops in Iraq
February 8, 2004, by Nabeel Al-Jurani
""Wearing desert camouflage and boots, Prince Charles made a surprise morale-boosting visit to British troops in Iraq on Sunday, the first member of the royal family to visit the country since the ouster of Saddam Hussein."
"'What you're doing, many of you, training Iraqis to become almost as good a bunch of soldiers as you are, is ... of enormous importance because this part of the world doesn't have much chance unless their armed force can learn a lot from your experience ... not only in the military but in the hearts and minds,' the prince said, according to the British news agency, Press Association."
Prince Charles isn't afraid of WMD in Iraq. Why not??

Prince Charles Tours Bam on Historic Iran Visit
by Christian Oliver, February 9, 2004, Reuters
"PM Prince Charles met Iranian earthquake survivors and exchanged views on religion with President Mohammad Khatami Monday in an historic visit likely to cement Britain's improved ties with the Islamic Republic.
Charles, whose trip underscored Britain's policy of engagement with Iran -- in contrast with Washington which branded Tehran part of an 'axis of evil' -- is the first British royal to visit the country for nearly three decades."
Story ...

Bush to Call for Tougher WMD Curbs
February 11, 2004, AFP
"President George W. Bush was to call for tougher global curbs on weapons of mass destruction, publicly drawing lessons from black-market sales by Pakistan's former top nuclear scientist. Aides made clear that Bush's election-year speech at the National Defense University in Washington aimed to recapture the initiative after being on the defensive for weeks over flawed pre-war claims about Iraq's arsenals.
"'This president is showing leadership as commander-in-chief in a time of peril for the country,' White House national security adviser Condoleezza Rice said in an interview on NBC television."
Story ...
George Bush, with gung-ho help from Condi Rice, is milking the WMD hobgoblin for all it's worth. Still nobody is calling the bluff.

"In The Bushiad and The Idyossey, George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Condoleeza Rice, Paul Wolfowitz, Colin Powell and others in the Bush Court are the players in this modern epic, fostering conflict and warfare in concert with the corporate gods. Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Osama bin Laden, Kim Sung Il of North Korea, "Old" Europe, The United Nations, Canada and any that stand in their way or that can be used to further their ends are vulnerable. The Bushiad and The Idyossey demonstrate that when power-mad, testosterone-poisoned religious fanatics in league with greedy multinational corporations wield unlimited military might, all humanity is vulnerable.
Narrative epic poems of 24 chapters each, The Bushiad and The Idyossey use satire and irony to cover events during nine months from December 2002 through September 2003, and were inspired by events as they occurred. Homer would recognize the tale."


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