Entertainment is certainly more entertaining when you can go directly to web sites with information about the famous person or group in whom you are interested. Buddycom has compiled a list of people or groups for which there are fans. Some of the links from this list go to Buddycom pages which provide interesting information and further links which you will find helpful. From time to time, we get email asking us to add to the list. If your favorite person is not listed here, let us know. This list is not a Rorschach test, ... is it? If the person is not linked, you can enter the name in the search box provided below.

Aya Sugimoto Alan Watts Albert King Albert Einstein
Carl Jung Elizabeth Taylor Eric Clapton Bill Buckley
Bill Clinton Erwin Schroedinger Candy Dulfer Ted Turner
Burt Lancaster Alan Alda Rick James Noam Chomsky
CJ Campbell Carlos Santana King Crimson Jonathan Weiner
Phil Collins It's A Beautiful Day Prince Charles
Henry Kissinger Catherine Deneuve Walter Mathau Hillary
Heather Locklear Huey Lewis Bernard Shaw DrKoop
Jesse the Body Rich Duncan Marjorie Caserio Robert Mitchum
Spice Girls Tim Leary Dennis Rodman Alumni
Jose Maria Aznar ZZ Top Mick Jagger Mark Macguire
Joni Mitchell Jack Lemmon Seiko Matsuda Nina Hartley
George Carlin Eddie Murphy Burt Reynolds Cheech and Chong
Venus Williams Robin Williams Rube Goldgerg J P Belmondo
Dr BennardoMortimer SnerdGeorge Clooneynina.com
Vigdor Schreibman St Paul St Peter Andre Agassi
Vanessa Williams Jacob Hornsberger Dan Ackroyd Ron Jeremy
BushRushRolling StonesAlfred E Newman
Luc BessonKirk DouglasRobert OrnsteinScott Walker

You can use a search engine like Lycos too find out more about interesting famous people.
You can use webrings to find out more about interesting famous people. Web Rings was aquired by Yahoo! and is now more user friendly.

If you would like to go to a web site about a famous person, go to Yahoo or Lycos and just type in their name. For example, Let's say someone were interested in finding sites for Mel Gibson. He is an actor. Ok, so you would type in "mel gibson" and press enter. Now Mr. Gibson is a very busy guy. He has to get up at five am every morning and drive over to the studio It all depends on the script after that. He has to sit real still and let some people put on his makeup and wardobe. If the script says he has been in a fight, they have to put red and purple stuff on his face and put his arm in a sling, you know, to make it look real. So, he does that all day and then sometime in the evening he goes back home and eats dinner. But he's not finished. After that he has to get out the script and read it to see what he has to do the next day. He also has to try to remember what he has to say. If his girl friend comes over, she can help him with that part. Buddycom does not know how long it takes but, we have never seen him flub up his line in a movie.

But, the point is he's really busy and so somebody else has to make the website about Mel Gibson. There may be more than one site devoted to Mr. Gibson and also there are web pages with his name as the title or with his name written somewhere on the page. Other than websites about Mel Gibson, if you wanted to find as much as possible about him, it would take a long time but if you used webrings and search engines, you could do it.

That's the way it works. Famous people don't make websites about themselves. That's especially true when they're dead. Try this. Type in "albert einstein." If you type directly in your browser the URL as the name.com, you usually get a redirect because some person has already thought of that. For example,alberteinstein.com Whaddya get?
That's what. But, that's Ok, it's a somewhat interesting site. You can put in your votes for the most popular everything. It's updated every six hours so you can't put a permanent bias into the polls. You can also post fanmail to your favorite celebrity. Really?

If you type in, mickjagger.com you may get a website about bodyguards like we did. The graphics on the front page were really cool. But now Mick has bought the rights to the domain name and has his website there.

Whatever you do, don't type in famouswomen.com and press enter!

We didn't know just why we liked the dude before. But now we know. Bill is a world person. We viewed his press conference Monday, February 4, 2002. He said it right. Completely right? Well he didn't say the HOP word. But he said enough. And the clown sitting next to him said the rest. The fellah gets it ! Walter Mathau and Bill Gates. Wouldn't we like to see that duo for President and VP.


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