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Having fun while summer camping doesn't necessarily require skill and dedication. Patience and perseverance may come in handy at times, however. What's the secret for starting the morning cook fire with just one match? Lighter fluid? Get serious. You know that's cheating. Actually the secret is simple. Use lots of small dry kindling. Just like in the Boy Scouts. Be sure to split it into small pieces with your neighbor's unused hatchet, that's what that silly thing is for after all. You'll love it when the other campers call you a real outdoorsman. Mucho macho man., ya wanna be a mucho macho man, right?

This camping spot was remote. Very remote. How they found it remains a mystery. But it had excellent restroom and shower facilities. Very clean. Spic and span in fact. The ambience of the surrounding mountains and forests was very enjoyable. Everyone remarked about the natural beauty. "Shizen ga ippai," they kept saying. The bugs liked it too. One camper was awakened by an interesting species of small brown preying mantis crawling on her nose. She screamed so loudly that everyone in the park had to get up to see what was the matter. Ah, the beautiful out doors. Breathe in deeply. But just make sure you are upwind of the campfire.

The exact location of the camp area remains a mystery. But in any event, the camp area has a clear flowing stream which is constantly beckoning with its bubbling and gurgling. It is really quite enchanting. There are many deep pools and rushing water falls as well. It has a species of Japanese trout for the fishermen in the crowd. These trout are most abundant every first and third wednesday of the month. There is a very popular swimming hole located just under a quaint and very old suspension bridge which dates back well before the second world war. Early in the morning as the mist fades away and the sky gradually lightens, the bridge takes on an almost metaphysical aura of scenic beauty, especially after sharing a bowl of Mother Nature.

Mt Fuji
The summer camping location is at the top of this image to the south of Tokyo and to the east of Mt Fuji in Nagano prefecture somewhere or other.

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