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club art

Lots of people go clubbing in Japan. We recieved a request to show some art created by artists who make posters and nite club/ music promotional materials, on the web. It's some pretty groovy stuff, so we said ok. Here's the plan. We'll put some small images called thumbnails on this page. And then if you click on the thumbnail, you can see a really big image. Download size is 45-80 K. If you like the artwork and want to contact the party, the info is on the images.

Psychoderica Robotica
Pressure Override


art class

Japanese are making lots of art. We visited an art class. They say it's really fun.

Japanese kids are making lots of art and anime on their computers. They say it's really fun.

Anime thumb
Click thumb for 200k anime.

More kid's CG

3D Dinos
3D Dino CG



Eco art 800x1100

nature jpn

club art

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