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Americans' Monday night football telecasts display 3D logos and some metallic framing and interfaces. This seems sufficient for them. That is about as technologically creative as American daily television graphics get. It is rather stodgy and staid compared to digital graphics in Japanese daily television programming. Digital is a wildly popular term for many Japanese. Wonderful digital imagery can be seen on Japanese television every day. In fact Japanese have a voracious appetite for digital graphics in television programming. A virtual army of about four or five skillion whiz bang graphics kids create bazillions of digital graphics which are used in television programming each day. Sometimes half a dozen digital graphics are displayed in one screen. And these change by the second. Categorization would include numerous genres. Animated gifs? There are 3D scenes, animals, cartoon characters, science graphics, medical graphics, objects and people in all shapes, sizes, visual effects, transparency levels and bit depths. Japanese really and truly consider their language and its written symbols to be sacred, holy and chosen by god of all the languages on earth. 2D and 3D text? In addition to the symbols and letters of English and other languages, Chinese pictographic kanji and the kana lettering all come vividly alive. 2D and 3D text--scrolling, animated, lighted, metallic, psychedelic, etc., jazzed-up to the max. Or pastel and subdued. How about digital morphing, cartooning, partial and full transparencies, overlay, underlays and morph throughs, speech bubbles? The list is--well, endless. From newscasts to quiz shows. And each genre has skintillions of variations all of which have fresh new variations each day.

Commercial advertisements use digital graphics very effectively as well. from cosmetics to cars. From bento to sushi. From houses to toothpaste. We often find ourselves channel hopping just to see all the digital CG and digital graphics effects used in the commercials. Don't you wish you could see graphics like that?

Wouldn't you like to make graphics like that? What would you need to start with? Well, first, you'd need at least a skillion digital graphics whiz kids. Just keep it in mind. Make a mental note. The rest of the world has a lot of catching up to do.

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