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The year 2002 is the year of the Horse. Right click and save to use. Nengajo greetings card texts for you to send to friends and family.

Last year's snakes, dragons

Nengajo greetings card texts for you to send to friends and family.

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Every day of living in Japan provides a relatively small number of lucky foreigners a marvelously wonderful experience. If you haven't been one of the lucky few who have been fortunate enough to live in Japan, use the Buddycom links to pique your interest. And remember, the more of your precious cabbages you leave behind before you come, the more you will enhance your enjoyment while living each day in the Kingdom of Cute. Once you learn to speak, you may wonder occasionally if you're still on the same planet, the Japanese spirit is so positive, so optimistic. We encourage you to speak with everyone young and old in the cities and in the countryside. It's fun. Even a short stay in Japan can be spiritually refreshing, soothing.

The Access-J Japanese Webpage Viewer at to read Japanese websites without any added software or hassles. Please note this page allows you to print Japanese on an English PC too!

Working and Living In Japan

Know before you go...

Japanese Manners & Etiquette at
has lots of info on how to avoid looking like a buffoon in Japan.

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Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo
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Japanese food, recipes.

Tokyo Restaurants
Snake Year
Foreign Buyers Club, FBC. The U.S. mail order grocer - cheap, easy, quick and in English! Delivery to your door-40,000 items, books, videos, foods, Christmas candy canes.
Expat Japan
Information Resources for the Expat in Japan Resources related Japanese government, weather, news, currency and online shopping for products not easily purchased in Japan.

Learning the Japanese Language

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Nikkei-Net - Business Browser
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Japan Company Record, financial data on firms on the TSE

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Japan Times English Newspaper
Japan Inc.
Townpage English telephone directory
Tokyo Subway
TBS Weather Guide
Chubu Weekly, news, editorials, jobs, esl jobs, classifieds.

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