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Molecular modelling is inspirational, educational, and fun. It's popularity will increase with continued standardization. PDB files created for most molecules large and small are most commonly used.
Dedicated to Dr. Marjorie Caserio.

Molecular Modelling
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Dr Bennardo

One could use general 3D modelling and rendering applications for the creation and visualization of molecules. Dedicated molecular modelling applications are superior in their ease of use and exactitude in details such as bond distances, angles, and atomic radii. An accurate representation of macromulecules just isn't possible without the multitude of atomic coordinates contained in a PDB file. Perhaps one day when Hal 9000 computers become household items, even the general 3D applications will be able to use files such as the PDB files. Until then it must be pointed out that in this regard approximation has its value. Aesthetically pleasing animations made with an emphasis on general principles and mechanisms in place of strict adherence to detail can be presented with general 3D modelling and rendering applications.

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