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Mt Fuji
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Millions of books are read each day by people living in close proximity to Mount Fuji. Headline links to online book reviews from several sources. The image of Tokyo and Mount Fuji is from NASA. Click on a review link and see what the talking heads are saying.

Richard Seltzer
Slate:book club


Vee Jay

"Hi there, If you don't want to use dear in a salutation, 'hi there' will do just fine! I enjoy Aldous Huxley and didn't find Brave New World at all scary. I read it when I was in high school and still remember the faucets running perfume and going to the feelies instead of movies. George Bernard Shaw is also one of my favorites, and I think Machiavelli had the right idea when he warned the prince not to stretch out his troops too far from home. I have never read Alan Bloom, but have read some reviews. One of these days I'll get around to him. My reading lately had consisted of a great deal of history -- Balkan Ghosts, Eastward to Tartary, and One Palestine Complete about the British mandate in Palestine from 1918 until 1948. I haven't read the sequel to Brave New World, but I'll try to find it in the library. President Bush is pushing all sorrts of programs that I disapprove of, and the rejection of the Kyoto protocol bothers me. Too many people, particularly in the U.S don't think about the people coming after them. Now I'm going to indulge myself in reading some trashy mysteries. Ciao, VJ."

Before Vee Jay's husband became a really big wig in the Navy, the family lived in Naples, Italy for seven great years. That was just after the big one, WWll. Italy is where Vee Jay learned the art of cooking, European style. The girl can really rock and roll in the dining room. When the member from, "near Washington DC," speaks we listen. Vee Jay is not her actual name, of course. Click logo to see more of what Vee Jay says.
vee jay sez

Guns, Germs, and Steel
by Jared Diamond


C. J. Campbell,
The Coming Oil Crisis


Federal Information News Syndicate (FINS) The Fins News Syndicate (FINS) is an independent news service located on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Editor and publisher of FINS is Vigdor Schreibman, who has a background in telecommunications law and the field of social systems design. Schreibman has written extensively about the collaborative ideal of the Net, as a medium "shifting out of chaos to uncover the wisdom of the people." reviews
great chem book reviews
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