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Japanese Society, The Kingdom of Cute

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Stem Cell Finale
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Re-writing history books?

First Farmers, an opportunity for an exciting new world. The Bible in Hebrew; the original interpretations of Genesis:

"The story of Adam and Eve--or more accurately, the human and its division into husband and wife-is the most considered story of the Hebrew Bible. From the theological explorations of St. Paul, Augustine and the Talmudic rabbis to John Milton's Paradise Lost to the division of evolutionists and creationists, it is a story of highest significance. Or is it? Is it possible that the most consistent reading of the story has been ignored for twenty centuries? If we carefully withdraw from our understandings of the story what is not actually in the story, we are left with a narrative that can hold together without the interpretive strictures and weavings of either Rabbinic Judaism or Apostolic Christianity. It is true that the resulting narrative reading would not be consistent with those religious traditions, but it allows the reader to incorporate all the elements of the narrative-a goal that cannot be realized within the traditional readings." A list of ten important things that the original Hebrew of the biblical story of Adam and Eve does not include?

1.any of the following words: "tempt" (jSn); "temptation"; "sin" or "sinless"; "paradise" (sdrP); "Fall"; "judgment"; "perfect" or "perfection";

The other ten items are listed and discussed at:

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A brave new world.

Public domain images of the white house, presidents, cabinet members, key government officials, and tons of information about US presidents for your next history and/or political science paper.

Pres Libs
JFKWhite House Photos
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JFK Memorial Library
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This is true liberty, when free-born men,
Having to advise the public, may speak free,
Which he who can, and will, deserves high praise;
Who neither can, nor will, may hold his peace:
What can be juster in a state than this?

Euripid. Hicetid.

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