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Tour Summary:
"We are a private charter which primarily offers a world-wide cruising under Sail program providing the opportunity to explore the furthest corners of our world. In addition we offer in certain areas the option to charter another vessel to accompany us when interest is shown by larger parties. Bareboat and skippered charters available. Program for 1999 includes:- Coastal sailing in Turkey, Greece. Passage or portions thereof from Turkey to Ireland. For the year 2000. Eastern Med. Cruise, BLack Sea. Passage making westward thru the Med. on to Mederia, the Canaries, west coast of Africa and accross the Atlantic to Rio for Easter 2001. We invite our clients to discuss their interests to allow us the arranging a holiday/cruising experience that will be unforgetable. Duration from 7 days to 60 days."

Charted sailing in the Greek isles, $1,000-$6,300/person, depending on the season. Duration, 14 days. Click here for details and itinerary


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