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Time passes.
Time has passed since Buddycom introduced the masses to a barely functional thing called VRML. About seven years. Now the skimble-scamble confusion is over. The big boys have thrashed it about. Standards have been decided upon. Now if you want to see VRML just get CosmoPlayer. It has become conveniently simple. You could even represent that in the form of a simple mathematical equation.
View VRML = CosmoPlayer.
CosmoPlayer loads quickly. The interface is nice. Control of movement is much better. And it is very stable. Intervista was aquired by CosmoPlayer which could account for the smoothness and standardization. We have some VRML files ready to go for you to view.

3Space Publisher has changed to 3Space Assistant. Get a demo from TGS Graphics. There you will find other professional 3D applications as well. Some of them are very specialized, sophisticated and technical.

Click here for historical perspective and more source information.

Click here for models, screen shots, explanations.

But if you just can't wait to click on some models there are several on this page. Scroll down a bit more.

Ram chip 188kb

Screw driver 50kb

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