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XaraX is quite simply the best (vector) graphics package you will ever see. Ideal for creating both print and web graphics, Xara X is so simple to use, literally anyone can produce professional quality vector or bitmap images within a matter of minutes. When you see the list of features available you won't believe your eyes - Confused by layers? File formats? Get XaraX. Curve fitting text, Image mapper, (very) Versatile transparency tool, very precise GIF animator, Image splitter, Auto html and javascript, Auto roll-over bars, extremely high resolution-72,000 dpi, Divides a pixel into 10,000 increments, Output to Xara 3D, Flash, etc., etc., and all for just $149 US (excl. VAT for EU). See full features list.
Visit the xaraxone.com for tips, tuts, featured artists and lots of good stuff.


Big Bad Gary's WebZealot Workbook is a must-see. You'll learn a lot just by taking a look.

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